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Bjork Hoping To Resume Tour In Mid-June

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Icelandic pop star Bjork aims to revisit the scene in mid-June, after the crash because of a series of concerts that will Probleme.Die voice singer who released his latest album last year biophilia disposal of a trio of concerts in South America last month after doctors found a nodule on his vocal cords, and this week they also had to have several dates in Europe and Asia far ax when she should apologize to erholen.Bjork their official website on Thursday to their fans for the canceled shows, but the star revealed that she and her doctor were "pretty sure" his voice is strong enough to live with their return a few more weeks rest. In an online post, she writes, "After two weeks of rest voice was I went to my doctor and voice, they came to this conclusion: I need to rest for 6 weeks. The good news is that we're both pretty confident that I can start singing completely healed in the middle of June … smell "I am very sad and ashamed of having to pick up objects and things promised and not as able to keep my word, really breaks my heart. especially for people who have already bought tickets. "Bjork admits she is a risk of the design of their new shows with only a limited amount of time to rest between the two, and their health soon took its toll as a result" at the beginning of biophilia, we estimated that between three residences would be with a couple of months between my rhythmic strings (sic) could be. Then I stripped and indicates when we threw the parties into the mix and only two weeks left in New York and South America was Eager Beaver … (Sic). "But the singer has good news to share – it was interactive biophilia album has been adopted as a teaching tool in schools in his native Iceland and Argentina, and will be used shortly in New York werden . Sie adds: "; It has lots of fun pages such as the angle of education: having Reykjav√≠k city of Buenos Aires programs now biophilia education program adopted in their schools and we are at the Public Library New York, the Partnership and the Children's Museum of Manhattan biophilia as a learning resource for New York children to begin in July 2012. "

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