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The Conspirator (2011) – HD Trailer

Published on May 20, 2011 by wemoviesadmin   ·   25 Comments
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The Conspirator – Starring James McAvoy, Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson, Robin Wright, Evan Rachel Wood, Alexis Bledel, Justin Long, Norman Reedus, and Danny Huston Release Date: April 15, 2011

The Conspirator is a period drama based on true events following the assassination of President Lincoln. Robin Wright will play Mary Surratt, the only woman among a group charged with conspiring to kill the president. James McAvoy will play Frederick Aiken, an idealistic young war hero who reluctantly defends Surratt and in the process comes to believe she is innocent.

The Conspirator (2011) – HD Trailer

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. loganchandler08 says:


  2. SamuelPrestonMccarty says:


  3. MoMoHappy1 says:

    It’s an extra credit assignment to go see this and write a one page review. I’m so going!

  4. Awsomousness says:

    Mr. Mcavoy just gets better and better with every role <3

  5. Wilhelm1617 says:

    This looks amazing. I just bought Manhunt: the 12 Day Chase of Lincoln’s Killer, and plan on starting into it as soon as finals are over.

  6. ooradska1 says:

    @Smljhndnsmr My support for smaller, limited government has nothing to do with racism and neither does an allegiance to the “Old South”, and by the way Lincoln was just as much a racist as any one else.

  7. denisse1118 says:

    Jonathan Groff and James McAvoy! What more can you ask for?!?!?!

  8. WebDonuts says:

    Good movie but they left out his brief history in law enforcement.

  9. fruits633 says:

    We have never viewed specific film and went to enjoy this one found on thisisawesomemovie, coom and i really felt? the particular appears to be excellent. you really would need to figure out who the actual 3 central roles are then just about everything else will also be easy to understand.

  10. Smljhndnsmr says:

    @ooradska1 if your intention is to communicate to everybody that you’re partial to an inferior and hateful subculture whose aim is to devolve the human condition to the most animalistic level its been in centuries, then, by all means, wear the shit outta that silly ass hat! I’d be quite curious to find out just how many people who claim to have “Old South” fervor actually know that having such an allegiance is synonymous with racism – even if they themselves don’t practice racism.

  11. Smljhndnsmr says:

    @rrmoh thank goodness you didn’t win…or America would have later been assimilated by Nazi Germany. Nazi fervor would have gone pandemic. If any resistance was still around to fight the “good” idealogical fight, it would be an Arab empire single-mindedly driven by one combative strategy – terrorism. The world would have devolved to a degree you can hardly fathom. One thing’s for certain: this silly land of trolls called YouTube wouldn’t be around!

  12. g8eight8 says:

    This movie does not portray the writings of historians living during these events. I’ll take the writings of the men of that age over the story line portrayed by those who would still hide the real history behind certain events. Thomas M. Harris tells it quite differently than Mr. Redman. Mary Surratt was guilty as hell right along with her time keeper brat.

  13. CamoMark says:

    Gives me goosebumps when he says “There’s no limit to how far the prosecutions willing to go!”

  14. TheCodFreak100 says:

    i went to see it today it was sad when they hung those people and it was long as HELL!!!

  15. TheCodFreak100 says:

    i went to see it today it was sad when they hung those people

  16. Tennessee3501 says:

    Historical dramas should accomplish two (2) things: (1) They should entertain, and; (2) They should be historically accurate and teach us something. This movie succeeds at both. I viewed it at a movie theater in Knoxville, Tennessee, and from the opening credits to the end of the movie, it was riveting. You could hear a pin drop in the theater. I then went home and Googled “Mary Surratt.” Allowing for some minor dramatic license, this film is historically accurate and should be seen by all!

  17. rrmoh says:

    if the south had won we’d have a better world.. and you know who would have known their place..

  18. 1967mustanggta says:

    This was a very good movie. Saw it last night. I am not a liberal and I don’t how this theme is being applied by some. It’s a great telling of a story in our history most of us never thought that much about until now. Even those in to Civil War history.

  19. linkove27 says:

    own it, watched it on BlueRay, DVD, and downloading digital copy right now from thisisawesomemovie (dot) com. BEST FRIKEN MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!

  20. linkove27 says:

    I watched movie at thisisawesomemovie (dot) com. And looked at this trailer again, made so much more sense!

  21. JoeBro715 says:

    “There’s no limit to how far the prosecutions willing to go!” james mcavoy is a great actor.

  22. mizabogdan says:

    i really thought this movie was going to be stupid,? but once i saw it at thisisawesomemovie. c00m, it was great and i loved it soo much

  23. mizabogdan says:

    Kickass movie this … just watched the entire thing at thisisawesomemovie. c000m … very good indeed.

  24. RMCrowley says:

    I am innocent! Now you have to say guilty whether you are or not.

  25. danielcooper1000 says:

    California judges take bribes.



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