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Hanna 2011 Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Published on May 21, 2011 by wemoviesadmin   ·   25 Comments
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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)

Hanna hits theaters on April 8th, 2011. Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana, Jason Flemyng, Tom Hollander, Olivia Williams, Martin Wuttke


Hanna (Ronan) is a teenage girl. Uniquely, she has the strength, the stamina, and the smarts of a solider; these come from being raised by her father (Bana), an ex-CIA man, in the wilds of Finland. Living a life unlike any other teenager, her upbringing and training have been one and the same, all geared to making her the perfect assassin. The turning point in her adolescence is a sharp one; sent into the world by her father on a mission, Hanna journeys stealthily across Europe while eluding agents dispatched after her by a ruthless intelligence operative with secrets of her own (Blanchett). As she nears her ultimate target, Hanna faces startling revelations about her existence and unexpected questions about her humanity. Hanna trailer courtesy Focus Features.

Hanna 2011 Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Hanna 2011 Movie Trailer Official (HD), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. normansmother1 says:

    @mrpjgurung yeah its a good enjoyable movie. obviously it’s an assassin/action type of movie but its done rather well so i would recommend it. Not quite as good as Bourne, but getting there. I would watch it if I was you.

  2. tinkaa27 says:

    I have seen in about a week ago. I am not fussy about action movies or so, but this one was GREAT! I loved the idea, the OST was amazing, chemical brothers did a great job.. I would recommend it. 10 out of 11:)

  3. MsDks2011 says:

    No nudity. But I won’t recommend it to anyone below 15. Not the best movie ever, but definitely worth watching. You can find it on It was one of the best movies this year.

  4. mrpjgurung says:

    Anyone watched it? if so, is it worth it n was it good? may be seein it w my friends this sunday at but ive get mixed reviews from others.. dunno? if its worth it :P

  5. MegaEvercool says:

    It was a great motivating movie! but the movie looks way better than the trailer, it shows it differently. I saw movie on last week with my mom. She liked the movie too.

  6. mytinvideo says:

    Alice in wonderland? Wake up people… this is not about the movie…its the hidden message in it…… the trailer said next year we will not be prepared…yall wont but i will. You can see this one on

  7. Alex0II0 says:

    The movie was very good, superhot chicks and insane special effects!! Everyone who thinks this movie sucked is just too dumb to get the story. I have seen it on with my dad.

  8. boxazzz says:

    I like how it is the EXACT same style of plot, just in another country. But im still going to see it at because it will be HILARIOUS never the less. Great movie for me!

  9. mariaharper33 says:

    Exactly the same concept as the other but the first one was awsome and this one looks cool so why not to see it on I am dying for this movie. Due date held me over for awhile, but I’m so ready.

  10. ziaulvai says:

    I agree the first movie was legend status there’s no way that it can be anywhere as good. But people will like it anyway I think… I am seeing it today on after my job party… :D

  11. TheR3C2 says:

    Its called an opinion! Thankfully we are individuals with different perspectives! Its called different sense of humors! I saw this movie on and all I can say is that it was great :)

  12. deepak99560 says:

    I say it’s great they kept the same cast of characters and the same story. Alot of movies go horribly wrong when they start going away from the main reason why they were a success in a first place. I saw this one on and it is really good.

  13. Imtiazhasan1991 says:

    I don’t really care if it IS an exact copy of the original…it was so fricken hilarious it doesn’t matter. So what if it uses all the scenes from the first one… I will see it on and I’m still gonna enjoy my butt off :D

  14. MsPlaym8 says:

    This is probably not going to be as good as the first one but only because everyones expectations are higher. I will see it on if this was the first one and the original was the sequel it most likely wouldnt be as good just because the expectations are higher.

  15. CharlynPnr says:

    camera is very well done in this one! very nice. yust finished it on war4movie and it is very good movie

  16. anil123339 says:

    Yeah, I liked the first one, probably not as much as most people, it was still entertaining and funny though, but this sequel looks even better. I am looking for it on right now.

  17. sabu8484 says:

    Looks exactly like the 1st, instead of a baby it a monkey, instead of a tooth its a tatoo, and they still wake up looking for a lost friend.. while attending a wedding…. I’M STILL GONNA WATCH IT at!

  18. hoangtra1 says:

    This movie is highly recommended. It sneaks up to the top of my favorite movies. Stunning cinematography, beautifully-twisted storyline, and perfect cast is the reasons why I watched it on today.

  19. sabu8484 says:

    I just saw this and let me tell u this was the funniest thing i have seen. Haha I loved this movie!!! Talk about freakishly hilarious. YOu can get it on now, enjoy!!

  20. TheStripeyStudios says:

    So extraordinary for a trailer, very interesting though

  21. boxazzz says:

    It is a really good movie for me and my brother. We just saw it. I would like to tell everyone to go see it. I really liked it and I’m also watching other movies on Awsome movie.

  22. mariaharper33 says:

    Dont see the trailer before movie it takes away all the good parts in every movie. Nothing is like this movie so if you are reading this go to, dont wait and ruin your watch.

  23. CharlynPnr says:

    this year this is my best movie.just watched it online on and it is good movie

  24. TheMufad says:

    I have seen this movie yesterday with my wife. All I can say is I recommend it. The effects were great on and the storyline was so good, even if it was pretty predictable, it was still good and makes me to watch this movie again! :D

  25. deepak99560 says:

    Trust me this is the most epic film i have ever seen so far in my life at! I dont want to spoil you a thing so please watch it its epic in so many levels so you will be good with it.



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