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Sophia Bush Wants To Raise $30,000 For Charity To Mark 30th Birthday

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Actress Sophia Bush launched an appeal for donations to a charity of their 30th anniversary coming Increase in Offer $ 30,000 for a new school in Guatemala markieren.Der One Tree Hill star becomes a 30-bit, 8 July, and she asked the fans, money to Pencils of Promise, which helps institutions in the developing world, to give their names instead of gifts. Bush has set a fundraising page online for their family, friends and fans. She writes: "I am almost 30 July 8. I am very pleased. I am ready. And I want it to mean something. Something great. Help me raise $ 30k for my 30th Birthday! All means of pencils promise to build a brand new school in Guatemala, and deserves to go around the lives of some serious change children. "I was a loyal (some would say obsessed) Pencils of Promise for a while. My donation is part of a campaign 30for30 pencils, called Promise the impossible, which officially launched on 1 Month of August. Everyone has an "Impossible" – a challenge or milestone they face. Impossible is POP 100 schools in 2012. Impossible is my 30k for my 30th Birthday. "Pop Rocks my world thinks, because they each child should have access to quality education. During a recent trip, with a pencil impact of the promise, I met a group of young children in Guadeloupe, Guatemala. I asked her what she wanted most in the world, and they shouted in chorus, "a school!" I knew I had found the village to the campaign. "It costs $ 30 000 for the construction of the school and I know we can go!"

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