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La Conquete/ The Conquest (2011)

The Conquest: Denis Podalydès presented his Nicolas Sarkozy

Whereas he plays the role of Nicolas Sarkozy with verve in "The Conquest", Denis Podalydès confides about his character and the filming. The film The Conquest ...

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Louis Garrel

Cannes 2011: Louis Garrel and his beloved (bien-aimés)

Louis Garrel was present in Cannes for the film in which he took a role: "Les bien-aimés" by Christophe Honore. Louis Garrel ...
Impardonnables Cannes 2011

Cannes 2011: we saw “Impardonnables”!

Being regular at the Cannes Film Festival, André Téchiné was selected this year's Fortnight for his latest feature film "Unforgivable", supported ...
Ceci n'est pas un film

Cannes 2011: We saw “This is not a film” Panahi

Added at the last minute to the Official Selection, "This is not a film", shot secretly by the Iranians Jafar Panahi ...
Cannes movies

The Cannes movies reviewed by the press: Pater by Alain Cavalier

Following is the press review of Pater by Alain Cavalier screen at Cannes in Sundays
Lars Von Trier

Cannes 2001: Lars Von Trier admits being Nazi and understand Hitler

Lars Von Trier has a taste for provocation, but did not always use it wisely. At the promo of his film ...
Samy Naceri

Cannes: Samy Naceri causes an altercation!

Monday night in Cannes, Samy Naceri caused a public scandal in front of the Martinez Hotel. While the Cannes Film Festival was ...
Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Party Girl in Cannes, the pictures!

It's not just the films in Cannes! It is Vanessa Hudgens showed us by revealing her side jet-setter! While some go seriously ...
Astrid Berges-Frisbey

Astrid Berges-Frisbey, the French star of Cannes came to Hollywood!

She is young, beautiful and part of the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean 4. The rising star of French cinema ...
Johnny Depp Penelope Cruz

Johnny Depp the pirate landed at Cannes with Penelope Cruz, pictures!

Discover the arrival of Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz at Cannes for Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Their arrival was one of ...

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